Consultancy & Advisory

Clusec Technologies offers consultancy and advisory services to its customers all over Pakistan to help them create a safe and robust security environment for their businesses. Irrespective of your business industry and the size of your business, Clusec Technologies strive to deliver the best security solutions for businesses in Pakistan.

Our security consultants have experience of decades in advising private clients to corporations across different industries that range from manufacturing, construction, and transportation to hospitality, education, and health sector.

The security decisions made by you today will determine the security and resilience of your company’s digital data for years to come. Our state-of-the-art consultancy and advisory services will make you able to feel more secured and confident about the actions you take to protect your employees, family office, facilities, operations, and assets.

Mitigating Risk with Integrated Security Framework

Clusec Technologies has a team of certified consultants and advisors who are well versed with the prevailing cybersecurity law clauses and have a complete understanding of the security standards and compliances required to protect and meet statuary requirements. Our expert consultants will guide you regarding your potential business security weaknesses and help them in the process of developing security policies, procedures and rules with an objective to mitigate risks to the software solutions.

The integrated security framework provides stronger, more organized security to mitigate the threats to your organization. Our expert engineers and consultants look for the security challenges you are facing from different vantage points and help you better plan, prevent and respond to threats.

Are You Protected?

"More than 40% of all data breaches hit small Businesses, according to the Verizon 2019 Data Breach Investigation Report."

60% of small businesses never recover after a serious cyber attack

Do you want to be one of them?
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How our Cyber Security Consultation and Advisory Services will Benefit you?

We take the pain of dealing with your security threats so that you can focus on your business operations without the worry of any security theft. In our quest to provide the best cyber security solutions in Pakistan, our team makes sure that your business meets all the required data security regulations that are related to your industry’s cyber compliance.

Working with the team of best experts in the industry, we stress-test the existing security response competencies and implement new strategies to safeguard and minimize the operational, reputational or financial risk, in case of an attack occurs.  We assess your strengths and weaknesses in different situations by employing our vulnerability assessment procedure with an in-depth security review.

The consultants, Analysts, and Advisors at Clusec Technologies work tirelessly to deliver services using the breadth of experience in the relevant field to secure your digital data or application. Our approach is to empower the developers to meet statuary standards, and then provide them with the visualization for security feedback where security code is no more considered as the realm of the security teams. Lastly, we help developers to develop and define the security policies and help them to implement them. Our team of experts at Clusec Technologies also helps businesses to secure code written by developers by detecting bugs, weaknesses, and security hotspots.

Consulting with our most skilled professional provide businesses with unparalleled peace of mind. Our experts are available 24×7 to provide consultation and solutions to almost all your security problems. We empower businesses to manage and centralize their security programs and improve their risk profile to grow their business without any security risk. Experts at Clusec Technologies will guide you to develop a zero-trust network, suggesting that organizations should not trust any entity inside or outside of their perimeter.

We are a cybersecurity firm you can depend on for security of your important sensitive Information and cyber security consulting services. Clusec Technologies offers the all-inclusive cybersecurity approach within its class. Our security consultants have years of experience in cyber security working in several industries, including government agencies.


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