Incident Response

Cyber threats are growing rapidly, increasing in complexity, frequency, and intensity. Whenever a cyber-incident happens, it can quickly intensify into a business crisis. This leads businesses to high profile media attention, operational disturbance, financial losses, and most importantly damages the customer loyalty and investors’ confidence.

This is where our Cyber Incident Response comes to the fore! Our cyber response process is designed to provide your organization with a cross-functional approach to diminish the communication gap between every function of your business for a more efficient, aligned, and coordinated breach response.

Clusec technologies  have a team with years of incident response experience and domain awareness in new system weaknesses, malware analysis, and reverse engineering, forensic analysis, threat hunting, SIEM/SOC management, and more.

By taking advantage of our incident Response service, organizations can speedily respond and recover from any kind of cyber-attacks.

Why CLUSEC for cyber Incident Response

Our experts have the capabilities to manage incidents of any type, severity, and complexity for businesses across diverse industries. Whether the incident is caused by an insider actor or an outsider, our expert incident response professionals are ready to assist as soon as possible, with the advanced technology to handle both on-site and remote investigations.

Our experts work closely with our partners to make sure they are well informed and can quickly respond in the most critical hours of a cyber-incident.

Our proactive and reactive services provide you with the visibility and threat intelligence you need to stay one step ahead of hackers. Our goal is to develop a security strategy that will strengthen the cyber resilience of your business in the long term.

Are You Protected?

"More than 40% of all data breaches hit small Businesses, according to the Verizon 2019 Data Breach Investigation Report."

60% of small businesses never recover after a serious cyber attack

Do you want to be one of them?
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Features of our Incident Response Services

Clusec Technologies offers a range of services for the complex nature of the incident response, including;

  • Quick and worthy response to a suspected breach
  • Malware and advanced tenacious threat analysis and remediation
  • Confirming the nonstop delivery of core business operations
  • Perform comprehensive investigations and analysis including reverse engineering, exhaustive intrusion analysis, and root cause analysis.
  • Use of modern tools and threat intelligence system to aggressively ‘hunt’ for threats
  • Scalable support all through and beyond an incident to avoid and detect future attacks

Our services are flexible and customizable to the requirements of your environment, irrespective of the technologies you use. Our verified, systematic, and evidence-driven approach can assist you manage any situation.

How Our Incident Response Benefits you?

Clusec Technologies offers a full-featured service to assist you in instantly respond to a cyberattack. Here are a few of the key benefits;

  • 24×7 access to extremely experienced incident response consultants
  • Availability of a telephone ‘hotline’ for reporting incidents and triage purposes
  • Phone support and incident response service provision
  • Economical structure to keep an effective incident response capability
  • Proper incident and analysis reporting
  • Guaranteed onsite response times

With our extensive and unique frontline experience, we can help you make informed decisions at all stages. Our skilled security experts can help you in the incident response lifecycle at any stage.

Whether you want to minimize the damages and costs of an active cyber incident, or you are concerned about any security breach in the future, our cyber security team can guide you from investigation to crisis management.

We effectively detect, monitor, and respond to threats while diminishing the overall impact on your business and operations.

Our IR services limit the time attackers are on the network by rapidly spotting suspicious and malicious activities, detecting their root cause, and accelerating restraint and eradication of the threat.

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