Four Common Cybersecurity Myths Busted

Cybersecurity is among the most critical aspects of doing business in this modern age. Data breaches have severely affected businesses, from small startups to notorious big corporations. With these increasing cyberattacks on businesses, organizations have started investing more in cyber security. However, many organizations still fall for certain misconceptions and myths, putting their business systems and whole organization at risk. They don’t understand the importance of improving the incident response process for their businesses.

Let’s look at some of the top cyber security myths that many people believe to be true. Read on to find out which of the following you thought were true.

Myth # 1: “I’m Too Small to Be Hacked”

The most common myth that many businesses believe in is that small businesses couldn’t be affected by cyber security threats. Organizations need to understand that cyber attackers don’t care whether you are big or small. They manage to find a network with a weak security protocol and get a ransom by hacking it. Many people believe this because they think that their data wouldn’t be of huge value to the attackers. They think that cybersecurity practices and application security testing is not their issue.

Truth: Small Business Trends reports that 43% of cyber-attacks target small businesses. The 2019 Data Breach Investigations Report by Verizon says that 58% of data breach targets are small businesses. Also, a 2021 security report found that 87% of companies have experienced an attempted exploit of an already-known, existing vulnerability. 

Myth # 2: Too Much Security Reduces Productivity

This is a common idea that enhanced security makes it hard for most employees to access what they need. They believe that strict security protocols may hinder productivity at work. However, this is a lie. Research indicates that $2.9 million is lost to cybercrime every minute. Attackers target weak systems and look for an opportunity to attack. So leaving your network unprotected due to a false myth is insane. 

Truth: The modern age is of managed application security. Now businesses can take advantage of security tools with a built-in security feature that integrates without a glitch into your system. This allows developers to focus on improving their productivity since they no longer need to worry about security issues.

Myth # 3: Cyberattacks Are Only Caused by External Threat Actors

Insider threat is increasing rapidly, and the thing of concern is that many businesses don’t think of it as a threat. They are of the view that cyber threats can only happen externally. This is not always the case. Most of the cyberattacks are caused by an internal employee or somebody that used to work within the organization. They may include employees, contractors, business partners, vendors, or an external stalker trying to personate an employee.

Truth: A recent survey revealed that insider threats cause 60% of data breaches. This is usually because they might not know that they are causing a terrible data breach. They don’t understand the importance of security incident response for their business.

Myth # 4: Cybersecurity is the Responsivity of IT Team Only

We agree that your IT team is mainly responsible for implementing cybersecurity policies and processes, but people need to follow the procedures and systems to keep cybersecurity intact. Many companies also don’t invest in hiring a full IT team or invest in cyber security software solutions providers. 

Truth: Employees are among the biggest reasons that can compromise your organization’s security. One of the common threats that businesses fall victim to is phishing or spoofing attacks using e-mail messages. If your staff is not aware of this, they will surely fall victim of it. They can spread the virus or malware across all the departments within the organization.

Myths and negative news around cybersecurity could cause a real threat to businesses exposed to various cyber threats daily. Having your mind clear on the importance of cybersecurity will ensure that your personal systems and business data are safe. If you are also concerned about the security of your own business, having a cyber security company in Pakistan as your managed applications security provider will protect your business from cyber threats.  

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