Incident Response Planning: Checklist for Building Your IR Plan

Incident response or IR is a structured methodology for handling security incidents, breaches, and cyber threats. A well-defined incident response plan allows you to effectively identify, minimize the damage and reduce the cyberattack cost while finding and fixing the cause to prevent future attacks. During the cyber security incident, security teams will face many unknowns and a frenzy of activity in such a hectic environment. As a result, they may fail to follow proper cyber security incident response procedures to limit the damage effectively. Thinking clearly and taking pre-planned incident response steps will help prevent many future unnecessary problems.

NIST computer security incident handling guide

The NIST computer security incident handling guide is an excellent place to start your plan. It’s the holy grail of IR plan to follow the phases as NIST defines them. These include planning on handling and preventing security incidents, detecting flaws, and analyzing. These may consist of everything from monitoring potential attack vectors – to looking for signs of an incident, prioritizing containment eradication, and recovery. It is crucial to develop a containment strategy to identify and mitigate the hosts and systems under attack and have a recovery plan. Lastly, in post-incident activity, review the lessons learned and have a plan for evidence retention you may iterate. This will depend on the scope of breach or infection. Also, once an incident is over, make sure to take lessons to learn and update your plan.

Who to Include in your IR Plan

The team involved in the IP plan plays a vital role in the whole process. The team must be cross-functional, as these threats are more than just a security issue. You need to have a team leader or executive sponsor, who does budgets and communication to executive staff. Also, include an incident manager who will be in charge during an incident, also a lead investigator who’s an analyst or incident responder. In addition to these, you may need someone from legal to approve messaging understand disclosure laws and deal with the fallout. Also, someone from HR for any employee issues. You may also consult a company providing cyber security incident response services in Pakistan.

Automate IR Remediation with SOAR

SOAR or sore security orchestration automation and response is a technology that enables you to literally “hunt down” threats in a proactive and automated way. This is a newer soft tool that coordinates data collection and remedial actions you take among all the security products you own. Best-in-class lock teams have predefined playbooks to deal with common events like malware or phishing as promised. It also automates incident response so that security personnel can respond to alerts more efficiently.

Common Incident Response Mistakes

Consider these big mistakes you’ll want to avoid with incident response.

Mistake # 1: Failing to adopt & follow a security compliance program, including an incident response plan.

Mistake # 2: In information security, planning only goes so far. Organizations create comprehensive incident response plans but sometimes do not test them until a real event occurs.

Mistake # 3: Overreacting. Even though security breach notifications must be sent promptly, there is always time to conduct an appropriate investigation to confirm the facts of the incident.

Mistake # 4: small agencies assign incident response duties to system and network administrators, who possess technical knowledge, but no experience making business-impacting decisions amid a crisis or breach.

Mistake # 5: Incident response tools are inadequate, unmanaged, untested, or underutilized.

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