Key Data Security Measures You Must Take for Your Business

The cybersecurity landscape is evolving rapidly. At the same time, technological advancements are progressively becoming better at securing loopholes in data security from hackers and cybercriminals. No one could have predicted the loopholes in the cybersecurity postures that the pandemic of covid-19 has revealed with the increase of employees working from home. The use of insecure home networks and compartmentalized operations has turned previously evident threats on corporate networks into hidden, unseen cyber security threats on a wider range of networks. 

Considering all the important data that businesses store online, including customers’ private details and all financial documents, it’s obvious that a single breach can have a huge impact on their businesses. For all these above reasons, here are a few measures that businesses need to take to ensure data security;

1- Back up your data

Backing up your business data and website is a great way to help you recover any information you may lose in case of any cyber incident. Having a regular backup of your important data can save you a lot of trouble. Luckily, this doesn’t usually cost as much and is easy to do. Make it your habit to back up your data to some portable device or external drive like a USB stick. Also, it is a good idea to use multiple backup methods to ensure your data’s safety. A good backup system usually includes:

  • end-of-week server back-ups
  • regular incremental back-ups to cloud storage and/or a portable device
  • quarterly server back-ups
  • yearly server back-ups

Taking the help of cloud assessment services for your important data to be stored on a cloud is a great way to protect data. However, if you are taking backup on a portable device, don’t leave the device connected to the computers, as a cyber-attack could infect them. 

2- Protect the IT infrastructure

Businesses need an established and secured IT framework to build a strong foundation for a healthy data security plan. Your IT team must ensure that all the smart devices and computers are sufficiently protected against advanced malicious hacks and cyber-attacks. Moreover, they must also put a configured firewall in place to defend against external attacks and unauthorized access to the network. Having security solutions for businesses at your disposal can be a great way to defend your business against malicious cyber-attacks.

3- Perform regular and comprehensive audits

Securing your data could never be successful without regular and thorough audits. Running a regular audit can enable businesses to recognize vulnerabilities in the existing security framework. Post-attack data collected from regular auditing provides an organization with a perfect understanding of the mistakes that can result in similar breaches in the future. This information could be of great use in creating more powerful data security strategies and more reliable data security policies.  

4- Educate staff on the dangers of unsecured networks

Employees are undoubtedly the most common cause of data breaches. This is because most of them don’t recognize the external threats when they occur and even don’t understand their daily actions, which makes their company vulnerable to cyber-attack. So, it is important to educate your staff to stay vigilant, especially while using their personal devices for work. Provide cyber security training for your staff on using both their personal devices and work devices to minimize the risk of being hacked.

Companies need to change their attitude towards cyber security. They need to view data security as their top priority. Everyone in the company needs to understand the value of securing their data from any potential data breach. Clusec technologies offer Pakistan’s best cyber security service to help you stay protected from all cyber threats.

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