The Importance of Cyber Security for Your Business

The Importance of Cyber Security for Your Business

Every year marks another bad year for cyberattacks around the world. Last year, 46% of businesses have suffered some sort of cyberattack. The best way is to have security solutions for businesses to protect their business information from theft.

The stats have proved that bigger companies are more susceptible to an attack than smaller ones. Companies with more than 200 employees were discovered to be more vulnerable to an attack as compared to companies between 10-50 employees.

It’s obvious, the cost of downtime caused by an attack is bigger for large scale companies. Even though the financial cost of a data breach is a huge issue, its impact on the brand is a whole different story. Therefore, the protection of your business data is a need of the hour for every business.

Like any other country in the world, businesses in Pakistan are also moving their ways from the traditional approach to online. Making it equally important for businesses to have cyber security solutions in Pakistan as well.

What is Cyber Security?

This is an age of the internet and technology, where we all have made it an integral part of our daily lives. As the internet has made its way into nearly all walks of life, businesses have also joined the bandwagon and almost all business transactions and information is shifted to online mediums.

This upturn in internet usage has also caused an increase in cyberattacks. Cyber Security incorporates the technology, practices, and process that are put together to provide a shield against cyberattacks that are designed to cause harm against a network system or access your important data without authorization.

Most Common Threats to your Business’ IT Security

Although there is a long list of types of cyberattacks, the most common ones are;

Adware: This is a kind of computer virus that Infuses your system with advertisements. This is a fairly common type of cyberattack. Adware also opens the way for other viruses to enter your computer, as soon as you accidentally click on them.

Malware: Malware such as Trojan horses, viruses, and worms, etc. are used to infect the system. This type of cyberattack is shared via emails or exterior memory devices. It works as programs that run in the background of your system without even catching your eyes. Consequently, the user barely even realizes that his/her system is hijacked and the security is compromised.

Spyware: This type of cyberattack is meant to spy on your computer actions, and transmit that data back to the cyber-criminal. It is a very harmful type of attack and businesses need to have application security solutions for protecting their data at their disposal.

Botnets & Zombies: Botnets are designed with the aim to steal data and take control of your system. These threats are very hard for an ordinary user to notice and can easily infect a computer system. These botnets ultimately make a network of all the compromised computers, called zombies. This botnet works as a controller by taking the control of all the zombie computers.

Significance of Cyber Security of Your Business

One cannot deny the importance of cyber security, be it a small business or a multi-billion-dollar enterprise. With the increased digitization of business processes, it becomes very hard for businesses to keep them safe from cyber infections.

This continuous increase in digitization has enhanced the need for Information Security services for your business. Here are a few key benefits of having cybersecurity solutions for your business;

1. Provide all-inclusive digital security to your business ensuring that your staff isn’t a threat from a potential cyberattack.

2. Even a miniature threat can cost millions of dollars, cybersecurity can protect your business ahead before having to taste immeasurable losses.

3. Inspires trust and confidence in your clients that their private data is safe with you.

4. viruses can significantly reduce the speed of a computer. Effective cyber security eradicates this possibility, maximizing your business’ prospective output.

5. Protects your website from going down. Saving your money and customers’ trust in your business.

Here at Clusec Technologies, we take pride to offer the best cyber security courses in Lahore. We are among the top-rated cyber security companies in Pakistan, providing our customers with all-inclusive cyber solutions and digital transformation services to help you enjoy the optimal levels of security for your business.

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