Consultancy & Advisory

CLUSEC TECHNOLOGIES, Consultancy & Advisory Services will perform various roles for you to test the true capability of your system working as both the attacked and defender to your system with common objective for a stronger foundation and securing of the environment. Where our specialists demonstrate area of weaknesses and vulnerabilities so to prevent software applications from near ominous or distant threats they also point out on business potential security weakness to help them develop security policies, rules and procedures with an ultimate objective to mitigate risks to the software solutions.

Our consultants and advisors are always well versed with prevailing cybersecurity law clauses, mandatory requirements, complete understanding of the security standards and compliances necessary to safeguard and meet statuary requirements.

CLUSEC TECHNOLOGIES, Consultants, Analysts, Architects and Advisors works tirelessly to render services utilizing breadth of cumulative experience in the relevant field to secure your application. Our approach is firstly to empower developers by meeting statuary standards, secondly, providing the visualization for security feedback where Code Security is no longer considered as realm of the security teams and thirdly, define and develop security policies and help businesses to implement. Throughout SDLC, DevSecOps the real value is embedded in the capability of the developers to write secure code whereas CLUSEC TECHNOLOGIES Consultants and Advisors will support to secure code written by developers by detecting bugs, vulnerabilities and security hotspots providing extensive documented scenarios for better understanding and comprehension.

Cloud Assessments

Cloud based business over the years is preferred modality of hosting applications, but as maturity is in the process to be achieved, lack of alignment between business, technology and security teams lead to failures or lack of effectiveness of utilization of cloud services throughout the enterprise. At the same time “Do More” on implementing traditional strategy leads to high operational and maintenance costs. Therefore, our Cloud Security Analysts provide you with services from assessments to container security, to application, API’s utilization connecting through firewalls, to managed cloud, we provide a complete, holistic mapping view of your cloud architecture to prevent breaches, threats and risks are mitigated. Our specialists help to devise movement of your locally hosted application to cloud environment maintaining application integrity, data security and privacy.

Digital Transformation

In the course of any software lifecycle, technology demands are limitless in the 21st century. New technologies, new CS languages, new requirements all lead to constant need for applications to be updated so risks and threats are outsmarted. We follow Case Centric Approach to mitigate risks for your business by adopting to digital transformation that aligns your orchestration and automation program tailored to your specific business needs and optimal resources. We excel to achieve through practically possible scalable implementation in the process focus to identify gaps and manage new risks.

Incident Response

Unfortunately, incidents do occur. Our goal is always to handle the incident in such a way that minimal interruptions to work occur and recovery times are negligible. All this and much more occurs due to an organized approach of management of the incident and addressing of the security breech. Our Incident Response team works with your management C-suite, Legal and IT Security team in principal and wherever needed involves HR team to follow on the written instructions and compliance to the detailed completion of the checklists to cover the incident in totality and proactively manage to prevent it from happening again.

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing a critical part of cybersecurity, commonly referred as “Pen Test” is the simulated authorized challenge performed on a computer system to evaluate the security of the system and is a separate activity.

ClUSEC Technologies experienced ‘PenTest” engineers involve the use of attacking methods conducted by trusted individuals that are similarly used by hostile attackers and hackers.

ClUSEC Technologies experienced engineers are skilled to perform “Blackbox Penetration” test which is conducted without any knowledge of the targeted network or the systems running on it. The Pen Tester has no knowledge of internal code or software and lacks any access to credentials or sensitive information. We perform “GrayBox Pen Test” where some limited baseline knowledge of the system in form of lower level credentials, network infrastructure and application flow is known.

In “White Box Pen test” a simulated cyberattack at a system at source code level with highest access privileges We have opted for Veracode to be our partner dedicated for this very activity to be a scalable, most comprehensive pen test tool.

Thread Detection & Response

Breeching of the environment leads to compromising privacy and security making the environment vulnerable. Any weaknesses in third party plugins, hardware vulnerability and end user environment redundancies and open passages  can lead to threats, compromising the data privacy. Threat Detection is conducted through a specifically tailored approach for your environment and provides the mechanism for an automated response in case of any threat encountered.