Threat Detection & Response

With the increasing number of workers working remotely using laptops and desktops at home, cybercriminals have got more open doors to your organization. From these loopholes, they can enter deeper without getting noticed.

To keep these endpoints protected from such malicious activity, you need managed threat detection and response tools with advanced threat intelligence and threat response capabilities.

Threat detection and response (TDR) is a practice of investigating the whole of a security ecosystem to detect any malicious activity that may harm the network. The need of the hour is the right approach towards the cyber security threats detection services that include advanced controls such as threat intelligence, worm analysis, and cyber forensics along with others.

With Clusec security solutions for businesses, your business is protected by a team of elite threat hunters and response consultants who target threats to neutralize even the most sophisticated threats on your behalf.

Benefits of Threat Detection and Response

Businesses no longer need to sit back and wait for threats to emerge. Threat detection and response services hunt for threats around the clock and help businesses respond effectively and rapidly to eliminate the threat. Here are a few key benefits of threat detection and response services at your disposal;

  • Streamline cybersecurity complexity
  • Speed up your digital transformation
  • Optimize protection against emerging and known threats
  • Identify malicious activities quickly
  • Enhance incident response capabilities
  • Get access to agile security best practices

Clusec Technologies is among the top-notch cyber security companies in Pakistan, providing its clients with enterprise-class security expertise, analytics, and tools, 24×7.

Many IT companies struggle to match pace with more frequent and ever-growing security threats. Stopping attacks before damage is done requires quick and effective threat detection and response.

Are You Protected?

"More than 40% of all data breaches hit small Businesses, according to the Verizon 2019 Data Breach Investigation Report."

60% of small businesses never recover after a serious cyber attack

Do you want to be one of them?
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Why CLUSEC for Threat Detection and Response

Clusec Technologies offers its clients all-inclusive application security testing in Pakistan. We deliver 24/7 threat detection and monitoring that your existing third-party protection solutions may not provide.

Regardless of where you are in your digital journey, we offer scalable services to monitor, detect and respond to all cybersecurity threats. With our managed Threat Detection and Response services, clients are entitled to;

  • Extensive threat visibility 24/7 throughout your cloud, on-premises, and hybrid environments
  • leveraging the latest security tools and threat intelligence to confirm your business is ready to respond to existing and emerging cyber threats
  • Ensures that your in-house team is not loaded with the duty of around-the-clock threat detection
  • Helps to make procedures more well-organized, guaranteeing that important security actions don’t get missed, and your in-house team is free to focus on other priorities
  • Elevate your company’s cyber security capabilities to a level required to meet the requirements of international security standards.
  • Make sure that your security team is not troubled by unrelated alerts and that when actual incidents take place, they get the actionable mitigation help and automated response actions required to respond successfully

We help you identify critical threats and offer actionable intelligence so that your in-house security professionals can take rapid and timely decisions and always help you stay ahead of attackers.

Clusec’s pool of skilled security experts has effectively helped many enterprises identify the right approaches and deploy cybersecurity solutions that verify a secure environment.

Our TDR services help our clients to better investigate the endpoints, detect malicious activity, and swiftly deactivate active threats.

Security is an ongoing practice, and nothing is for sure. It all depends on you, your resources, and the strategies you set up to keep your business as safe as possible.

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